Julekonsert med Laude Illustre i København og Oslo

Ensemble Laude Illustre holder julekonsert den 13 desember i den nyopprettede Koncertkirken i København, og 16 desember kl. 18.30 i Gamlebyen kirke i Oslo 

Laude illustre

Italian Laude songs from the 13/14th c. and Norwegian folk music


Agnethe Christensen – voice, kantele; Elizabeth Gaver – medieval fiddle, rebec; Gro Siri Johansen – voice, bells; Björn Ross – viceo | Denmark, Norway


Laude illustre is a visual concert devised by four Scandinavian artists in which we are exposed to a new presentation of the similarities (or differences) in the musical culture of the Northern and Southern lands. A combination of 13th–14th century Italian laude songs – medieval Italian folk hymns performed in the Tuscan dialect that relate animated stories about the Virgin Mary and the saints. Another part of this repertoire that organically enhances the sound of vocal laude songs are the traditional medieval fiddle tunes from the Norwegian plateaus. The sounds of the North and South that meet in this unique space are created not only by the performers’ voices, but also their instruments, which include the kantele (Lithuanian kanklės). The concert’s poetic mood is further enriched by imagery by Björn Ross featuring late medieval stucco paintings from Nordic churches.  

By Björn Ross